Do You Read Opposing Views ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tigerjaw, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone - - given that people here likely have an interest in economics that is greater than most people, I am curious if you read books, articles, etc from those who hold an economic philosophy different than your own ? For example, I just picked up a book by a hardcore Keynesian and have Krugman's book, and others by people on the opposite side of the economic spectrum from where I stand. - - I do require that the author be able to put his thoughts down logically & write clearly, however. Really fine writing enables me to try to short circuit the natural human tenency to discount an opposing view out of hand, so I really appreciate good writers. Goobledegook and 'smoke & mirrors' doesn't cut it. How about you ?
  2. I read articles from an opposing view but in general I don't buy books of political hacks like krugman.

    I can't bring myself to financially support directly those who in my view purport ideas that are not only wrong and antithetical to mine but potentially malevolent/hypocritical as well.
  3. to understand economics you have to understand a few schools of thought.

    my personal view is that no school is correct due to situations changing.
  4. Bingo!
    Not much on earth is "static". The only constant is change.