Do you play the lottery?

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  1. Have you won anything ever?
  2. My daughter won $2500 on a scracth off last week. She bought a guitar and amp and is learning to play "Smoke on the Water."
  3. Lucrum


    I have and do on occasion. NO, I've never won jack shit. But then that's pretty much the story of my life.
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    I try to play the lottery, but the lottery always ends up playing me...
  5. I play $4 on mega millions pretty often. Surprisingly I win at least every other week. Usually between $2 and $7. Back in december I think it was, I won every drawing for a month. Ive only ever hit 4 numbers once though, and I think I got around $70. I seem to be very lucky at winning small amounts of money with small amounts of money. If I bet big, I rarely win. I'm no fun at the casinos. I buy $20 to $100 worth of chips and I quite after 5 to 10 minutes(because I'm up of course) and if I stay longer, I end up giving it back, so I learned to never stay at the tables long.
  6. Theres a section in the Mega Millions site that you enter your numbers into and you can find out how many of your numbers
    ever hit going back to 2000 on the site I get. That far back
    the six numbers I have marked only 3 at most have ever hit at the same time. Seems the odds jump at over three. Joy in the longing.
  7. ===============
    No, but never tried;
    as Dave Ramsey says its a stupid tax on people that cant do math:D

    Another good reason not to;
    Millionaire Mind author Dr Stanley notes if you do it[play]consistantly, notes all the time wasted,

    Suprise, suprise most millionaires don't waste time:cool: