Do you play puzzle games to keep your brain sharp?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. While I find stupid those keyboard/mouse-ruining, action videogames that teenagers play,

    Puzzle games help to keep your brain alert, perhaps even delaying aging related inability to concentrate.

    I like those at:
    Interesting, easy to play (I hate reading lenghty instructions), yet free.
  2. buy a nintendo DS and get brain age , after you play it a few times you feel smarter lol ... seriously
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    thanks for the game site

    there cool :)
  4. Jaques


    If you have lots of time,playing Final Fantasy could also give some helps.
  5. I've been playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion on 360. That shit is so addictive it's scary.
  6. Brain Age... Starcraft.... Deal or No Deal... Baccarat... and that Chaos Theory game with the exploding dots.

    Now can't wait for Starcraft II to come out.
  7. "Deal or No Deal" = brain game... LOL.. good one!
  8. Card games are good.

  9. Exactly! who needs crack LOL :D
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