Do you people know how rare good traders are, we shouldn't fight

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Immortal, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Immortal


    I see a huge amount of bickering and arguing on ET,

    you guys forget just how rare profitable traders are

    we can't fight............we are the god damn minority

    we have to stick together or the white man will bury us :D :D (LOL 90% of us are white)

    I mean the majority of "investors" will finish us :p

    seriously though when I see a profitable trader I shake his hand and say

    brother we are a rare breed, now can you spare a dime
  2. This is not a fraternity. go away.
    holding hands & singing Kumbaya is not a sign of "healthy" group dynamic. It's the mark of abject conformism and nazi (republican) like elimination of dissent.
  3. Immortal


    oktiri I LOVE YOU

    why won't you love me back


    :p :p

    you guys are too much for me :p

  4. What's all this 'we' shit, you couldn't make a profitable trade if your life depended on it :D

    C'mon 'Immortal', where's your weekend clone, I want entertaining!

    Here's your challenge, if you choose to accept it, start a thread which gets at least 50 replies within the next 48 hours.

    The rules:
    The thread must relate to the forum topic in some way.
    You, or your clones, must not cumulatively post more than 5 replies in the thread.
    The thread must not be moved to chit chat before 50 replies have been posted.
  5. Immortal


    you got a deal :cool:

    the problem is that I don't want to teach on ET

    and so what else can you do

    you either teach others, or you waste your time screwing around

    Above ALL, I got nothing to prove :cool:

  6. lol, nah, you can't do it, you're not a good enough troll :D

    ps check out the amended rules, liable to change without notice :eek:
  7. Immortal


    see the thing is you are new

    so you offer advice you help out noobs in a way you think you can etc

    we all go through that phase

    we all give up later
  8. I dunno, sometimes you get someone who benefits and they appreciate the help, but some don't even (want to/can't) understand what they're being told!

    I don't mind helping people, there's plenty of money to go round :cool:
  9. Immortal


    to answer your question are Canadians boring

    well if you mean do we refrain from starting wars

    do we believe in health care for all

    do we work till cows come home

    so YES then we are boring :)

    but we just call it being better
  10. Canadians understand and appreciate the importance of fiscal responsibility and paying down national debt as opposed to here in US where a billion is treated the same way by the government as one dollar is by an average person.
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