Do you own a nice watch?

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    Watches play a different role nowadays. People can more accurately get the time from their cellphone but it's great to get the time nearly instantly when one is hurrying around with just a quick look at the wrist watch-accessory... Watches don't cost that much and can be very, very stylish... I've been looking at the "high tech" styled watch lines, Android, La Costa, Nooka... I was a high tech worker for decades, high tech is natural on me...

    When I go out I like to feel like I'm good to go, well prepared for things.. I have my droid phone, a drop phone for hooking up with people, a wrist watch accessory that sets me apart from the crowd.. I don't really want to look like some assclown flashing his $ around, that's not real bright on a few levels.. it won't bring me what I want...
  2. Sounds like a playa. Ballers love droid phones and watches, you da man
  3. Nice article, bros. too bad its from 2005!

    Yeah, watches are truly the tribal totems of our time.

    See a guy with a Rolex President--- most think 1980's car salesman--- the era of the texas timex (rolex) is long gone.

    Now, names like Richard Mille, Roger Dubuis, Patek, and a host of smaller names are where it is in watches. Bling is out, stealth wealth is in, in a big way. Most will not even know that your new Richard Mille cost 75k, and thats a good thing. Only those in the know will know what you have and thats the point. Who cares what the masses think, everything has become personalized for smaller and smaller groups--and prices have ramped up dramatically since that article was published, watches included.
    There is a fine line between stealth wealth symbols and idiot bling.



    PS. Read "The Zeros" by Randall Lane for a decent expose on watches and trading culture-- there is serious interface between the two-- one reason this site is somewhat dubious since there is little to no interest.....

    PSS-- not to mention a nice section on our own Tim Sykes!
  4. Exactly, most don't get it, thanks for making my point. When it comes to watches, you are either on the inside or on the outside--- that's a good thing.

  5. i *LOVE* my watch,

    it is automatic, as in auto winding with hand movements, the face is some crystal diamond shit that never scratches.

    In the 9 years I've worn it, Its been tickin and tickin, and tickin, its almost like a child, it has a heart of its own.

    I guess whats awesome about a good watch is, the longetivity.

    Oh yeah it tells time.
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    Athletes or anybody inclined to exercise...

    I love being able to go in the ocean with my steel explorer and know its as leak proof as a submarine. Try that with your cell. :D
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    Wealth items like watches really are a burden. I have a friend who loves watches and recently bought a nice Jaeger-Lecoultre. He wasted at least ten saturday afternoon trying watches in Geneva before making his choice.

    Now that he owns it, he is constantly putting it on and off depending on where we are going out, can't put it in the rain because of the crocodile bracelet and the day he did just a micro crack on the glass, it was almost the end of the world...:D
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    I agree but I also don't carry a cell phone on my person. The cell phone stays in the car.

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