Do you own a HP-12C financial calculator?

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  1. I use a regular calculator to crunch numbers for my trading. Is there any good reason to upgrade to the famous HP-12C?

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  2. opm8


    The 12c rocks. It hasn't changed since it came out in the early 80s for a reason.

    Download one of the many 12c emulators and play around with it on your computer. Despite it's age and slow speed I love mine. It's like an ancient artifact that's still useful.

  3. Splat


    Only you know if you need it - why not lookup the functionality and check if you use any of the functions? Then decide.
  4. jay567


    you can also check out the Texas Instruments BAII Plus... it's cheaper...
  5. mgarc


    i have one :) standard issue when i worked for JPM.

    has useful bond functions. nothing a spreadsheet can't handle. except the fact that its portable.
  6. Truth be told, the 10B is a better bond calculator. For serious quant work, I switch to the 11C which is marketed as a "Scientific" calculator.

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    I use a 12c program on my Dell Axim X50v. It's pretty awesome. Had one a long time ago but it was stolen from my gym locker.
  8. R1234


    I own a 12C - buttons are stiff and hard to press.
    Can lead to finger fatigue.

    I'm a fan of the HP 42S which I've owned since 1989.
    Might be discontinued but it's awesome!!
  9. jtnet


    what is so special about the 11c? looks like a standard calc to me>
  10. dchang0


    I own TWO HP 12c's. Once you get used to RPN, it's hard to go back--I bought one to carry around in my bag and one that stays on my desk.

    DON'T GET THE 12c Platinum. It's slow as molasses and cheaply built. You'll want the original 12c if you can find it.

    Some of the upper-line HP calculators that feature RPN are also quite nice. If you insist on algebraic entry along with RPN capability, the 17bII+ is exquisite.

    (Word is that there's a 12c Platinum Version 2.0 and a 12c Platinum 25th Anniversary Edition in which HP worked out the bugs and speed problems found in the 12c Platinum Version 1.0. Supposedly, these new Platinums leave the original gold 12c in the dust.)
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