Do you need series 7 to trade prop?i

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by STEERAM, Aug 22, 2007.


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    My 7 expired and Iwant to join prop form, I will put up 50k So I do have risk capial and want some leverage but not sure if all require the 7? Any thoughts?
  2. CBOE member firms will allow a professional trader to trade without a lic...Im me and I can give you a few firms to check with.
  3. there is really no need to get a series 7 to trade equities. with 50k you can go retail at assent,be covered by sipc and get leverage and good comissions. my advice would be to take 5k and go to a prop/llc and get 100k in buying power with great commissions. keep in mind your 5k will not be covered under sipc but a reputable firm would be safe as far as your initial deposit is concerned. i know a few guys that have barely 5k in an account and have 250k to play with.