do you need a career coach?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Batman28, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Batman- exactly how old/experienced are you?

    Also, what exactly is your field of expertise? I'm bored and so took a look at your post history and you seem as though you are very new to this game and you also mentioned that you are a student.

    I'm not here to be abusive, I just want to know what it is you have to offer. You certainly do lose the confidence of people with the way you have responded to taunts + your spelling and grammar.
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  2. what "game" exactly?

    im into finance.. yes im a student..
    field of expertise? if it had to be just one, i'd say economics.. but im personally very into other areas too.. philosophy, statistics, psychology, management etc.. my spelling and grammer? im not sure i don't check what i type here properly, it's not a exam.. i've met a few people in the industry, here n there.. if anything, i've probably have some advice on what it's like, what they look for, how ur assessed.. n maybe some other things.. i initially joined here to discuss fast arithmetics.. i was invited to optiver for a test, which i never showed up for, i don't think i would pass it at this point of time.. and now i'm certain i don't want to work there anyways after knowing there business..

    there is no point to post anything too personal.. and i tel u something, this is a funy forum.. i once posted a job with contact, and it was deleted and a mod PMed me saying I shouldn't because apparently companies advertise here and so no one should do it for free.. same issue with Wilmott Associates, Talebs, free softwares etc.. similarly I once posted a profitable strategy, and again the mod deleted the thread and PMed me surprised saying no one posts a real working strategy here.. i think he said he was worried if everyone used it itd stop workin.. so what the heck am i suppose to do, i try to offer help and look at the responses.. some of u are just really childish.. there is so much ignorance on this board it's a joke.. some individuals here think they know it all and get offended if u even try to offer something..

    from now on post in this thread if u are 18-23, good at maths, and want a career in trading.
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  3. Sounds like batman needs a hug? :p
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  4. Batman....I think you need a coach, not just a career coach, but a life coach.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here....I can't even belive I'm going to do this, but, I will be your personal coach. Whatever area that you need help in, whether it's with personal relationships, finances, career, personal development, physical development, I have the tools, strategies, and plans to help you make it happen.

    We need two things, we need to know where your at, and where you want to go, we can work out your personal plan from there.

    I look forward to working with you, and wish you all the best.

    Coach M
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  5. Here is an idea:

    Quit this shit and study instead.

    Get your degree and get a job first.

    Work for several years, get a few promotions and prove yourself out in the world.

    Then come back to this forum and ask if anyone needs a career coach.

    Until then, please quit this shit.

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  6. Why do people come to the conclusion that to be successful scamming people is the best way to do it? It's the worst day to do it.
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  7. Batman needs a career coach more than anybody...

    End of thread.
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  8. Batman....I still havn't rec'd a PM from your regarding our upcoming coaching session, I will leave this opportunity open for the next 72 hours, after that, your opportunity of a lifetime is gone forever.
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