do you need a career coach?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Batman28, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Mods must be sleeping...:D
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  2. Bwahahahaha!!!

    Typical loser degression in this industry...

    Trader > Broker > Software/Trading Service Sales > Recruiter
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  3. Your trading suck that bad you got to "solicit business" on ET?

    Oh yeah Batman Adam west was gay.:D
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  4. And what do you offer if following your advice doesn't work? Do they get 10% of your annual salary for the next 10 years?
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  5. guys, what's wrong with you, honestly? what's upseting you so much?

    i've seen many young hungry kids wanting to be traders/bankers and they'r all just dog eat dogs.. they wouldn't help each other even if their life was on the line.. even after they get the job.. and now I'm trying to give some advice and you're all getting angry? some of you are absolute total idiots.. if i could advice you on anything, it's next time someone trys to give u some tips (that might be useful), give it try before acting like a tosser.. this kid JMowery is gona have some serious relationship issues, nevermind career..

    if u didn't get the 10%10yr humour that's ok.. but to be offended at someone truly wanting to give some advice - which might be useful - is just ridiclous..

    and also, i see constantly some of u making references to me in some posts like you've been my long-life neighbor.. i just don't know how u make ur judgements.. just hope ur trade picking will be better..

    i'll keep the post going nevertheless.. if ur considering trading/banaking careers, let me know, maybe you'll find it useful.


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  6. You know what, forget it. I need not waste my time, as the fraud will continue to be a fraud until he proves otherwise.

    I'm done with this, but I already knew this was going to be the outcome, so no biggie.
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  7. Relax, JM. Batman is really just a Joker looking for a few good Robins. Even the usual pigeons won't be "dropping" in.
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  8. batman,

    im really good at maths......and I want to go into a banaking career........currently i have a hotdog stand... ( okay a hotdog cart where i peddle my hotdogs ). i only sell 3-4 a day......depends on the weather. according to my math i cook 18 hotdogs everyday......and only sell very i need to know if i load the doggies with more mustard and relish if i would sell more ? as i said ....maths teaches me that i cook to many hotdogs everyday and sell to few...... ( is this a correct assumption ? ). as far as banaking......becoming ceo of a big bank sounds good.....but i have to have my hotdog cart in the main office. i was thinking of expanding into ice cream cones.......but as i pointed is a very fickle thing......if it is hot out you should sell many cones.....but the ice cream will melt in my cart.......what is an entrepreneur to do ?
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  9. I'm curious to know the answer myself.

    Where has the coach with all his contacts, companies, and expertise gone?
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  10. you make a very good point. it's a matter of personal choice what any individual wants to do with their life. Many want to be part of teams, other take their own paths. Some get lucky, other become successful by starting their own business - and sometimes only by chance as their last resort, as they may have not much to lose. Life is a game of relativity of perceptions. Working as a trader at a bank brings alot of stress, while other jobs bring other sensations. Society as a whole is "madness of the crowds" and for most, "what everything thinks" is the good, with fear of going ones' own path. leaders certainly go where no one else has, and take "the road not taken". But if anything statistics and uncertainity of life has thought us, a mean-variance optimization is a wise approach.

    this thread is directed towards those with ambitions of working at a prop/bank. the experience that comes with such roles can be invaluable later when one decides to go solo. but it is of pure arrogance for others to totally dismiss this option - esp. if they don't have this opportunity themselves.

    for pre-civ, it's a game of fear and greed. for the post, it seems its between arrogance and humbleness.
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