do you need a career coach?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Batman28, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Just some friendly advice for you. If you seriously want people to look into your offer you might want to think about spelling and punctuating beyond a third grade level.

    Good luck on that whole scam thing though.
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  2. jho


    Batman, wouldn't it feel a lot nicer to become a consistently profitable trader first? Seriously.
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  3. why? what you on about?

    this is ridiculous.. I'm here to offer great advice and support and all you guys do is tell me I shouldn't? I don't get it, why?

    it's ok.. those who want good advice, will get it and find it useful.. no one else would do this, and when i thought of it, I thought i will because it can help those who need it.. people in this industry can be so selfish..

    those of you who'll listen, won't regret it.. I want to wake up your dreams and how you can achieve it.. I know many people who would've done things differently if they were younger.. life is your choice, no one is telling you what to do, it's entirely your choice..
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  4. jho


    Honestly man I think it's great you want to help. I appreciate everyone on this message board who is trying to help. But let's face it, you are a beginner. It's like me reading a couple books on biology and surgery and then telling people I am willing to guide them through Med. school.
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  5. what are you talking about? seriously, i have no idea what you're talking about.

    btw, anyone interested, im not going to make you into a great trader. I'm going to help you get the job you want. this includes the roles, where, contacts, applications, assessments etc.



    p.s. from now on, I will only reply to serious relevant posts..
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  6. Care to list a few of your contacts? Care to give examples of where you have worked at previously where you'd be credible for this type of stuff? If you wanted to be a life coach, I'd assume you'd be fairly involved with financial marekts. As anyone would.

    So where have you worked at previously involving finance where you could help a person get a job, who have you mentored previously, can you give us any references as to who else you have helped, explain why you want to help, explain why you think your good enough. Care to name a contact that we can actually contact to see if you have worked with them?

    I don't really care about any of this crap, but trust me, if you can't provide the above information to anyone, you won't have anyone running to help you, so I'd enjoy seeing what kinda stuff you've worked with previously where you actually deserve to take someone and coach them.

    So please explain away. Now I hope a mod won't delete this so we can get the story.

    So what do you have to offer people exactly?
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  7. JMowery friend, if there was any advice i could give you, it's next time to respect the people you meet, and don't ever make assumptions. the truth is, those who deserve it, will recieve useful support, and I already have someone interested in pm. and this is no theatre show to post private info.
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  8. Please, ET newbies, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the guy has no reference, no contacts, all bullshit.

    He hasn't came back with me at a name of someone I can contact.

    What companies have you worked for man.

    Give me something, or stop trying to sell your bullshit.

    So name me one person, one company, one reliable source that can prove to me you have anything to offer.

    If you can't, I personally feel you should be banned, as you say you already have people PMing you.

    So, name one thing, that is all i ask, prove me, Red_ink, ET mods who will be here shortly, prove to us all one person or company that you have contacts with.

    And friend, I need not to make assumptions, I already know what you are, you want to make a buck off of other people while you pretend to know stuff about the industry and have your amazing "contacts".

    I am asking you to prove me wrong.

    I am actually hoping you will prove me wrong........... get to it already.

    BTW, save the excuses, because I don't want to read it. Put up or shut up, is that SO much to ask for coach?

    If you don't reply to this thread with a name or a company that relates directly to the financial industry, I storngly advice you do not reply to this thread unless doing so, as I'm out to protect newbies from getting screwed, as I thankfully had help in avoiding all the BS on the internet when I first started, and I intend on helping others the same.
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  9. C'mon....

    Name one person, one company that you have previously worked at involved with finance, one reference that we can contacnt and that can say you worked with/for them and have experience in the financial industry and are capable of helping someone else. I don't mean some random person on ET either, I mean at a company, with a company phone #.

    I don't see what the issue is if you are what you claim. You seem to have been invovled with many companies from what I see in your past posts, this should not be an issue.

    You say I'm wrong, I say your full of shit, someone is obviously wrong, either me or you, and so far, I'm right.

    So prove me wrong, and I'll admit I was wrong and appologize for it.
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  10. i agree - wish i had better advice when younger
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