do you need a career coach?

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  1. do you need a career coach?

    maybe I can help. I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals.. if you're young - 18/23, good at maths, feel free to start a discussion.. and if you're in europe/uk, we can talk about how to get the job you want.. including education/tests and where to work etc.. from props to banks..

    if you are successful following my advice, I will require you to kindly pay me 10% of your annual salary for 10 years.. I hope you agree that is fair.

    your personal trading career consultant,

  2. ........ that is a joke right?
  3. Holy Crap that was funny. Good one. :D

  4. No. deadly serious.

    but even a 10% first year salary is negotiable following success.

    when you grow up, there are many things you wish you knew when you were younger.. well if you are 18-23, good at maths, want to make serious money and love the markets, maybe I can help. we will discuss skills, careers, what firms look for, where you can work and how to get there.. what I require, is hard work, commitment, good attitude and a real passion for financial markets.. everything is possible.

    to shoot off, state ur location, age and education..
  5. Have you been watching a bit too much of "30 Days" on FX or something?

    Alright, I'm 19, living in Windsor, VA, and math was my favorite subject in school.

    What are you going to teach me coach?

    lol, i'm j/k

    This thread is probably going to be deleted, I just thought it was hilarious.

    Recruiting is against forum policy.
  6. And who might you be? Mr Soros?

    You want any old dip shit to 'kindly' give you 10% of their earnings over the next ten years and you fail to mention how you are any different than a common street beggar. Very nice. Maybe you can prove P.T. Barnum right.

    Good luck and good riddance.

    P.S. Aren't you the guy who started a thread asking if paying $27,000 for software was a good idea? Not the type of person I need advising me, thanks anyway.
  7. lol, good stuff.

    Who is P.T. Barnum?

    Yeah, anyways, I'm going to sleep, too much comedy late-night on ET
  8. From Wikipedia..............

    "There's a sucker born every minute" is a phrase often credited to P.T. Barnum.

  9. why should it be deleted? I'm here to help you achieve your goal.. the comission is for humour, but donations are certainly welcome.

    now firstly, what are you doing in Virginia? that's no good. im not looking to make a home trader. I want those who desperately want to be front office stars. we're talking banks, funds, big props.. we're thinking NY, London.. we're talkin ridiculous money.. Virginia is no good.. to make a impression off the map you gotta be a genious.. plan to move for college.. if not relocate to chicago.. get on the 'Square Miles'.. u need to start changing ur whole life.. no one's gona take u from Virginia unless u'll grad from a top school.. in that case tell me a little more bout wot u study where u applying to study..

    if u want to make it on the level, ideally you gotta take one of the following:maths, physics, engineering, chemical engineering, economics. top top schools.. there r many books u gotta start reading and many other things to do.. if ur serious we'll get started..

  10. for you to find out.. but i seriously want to help out.. it makes me feel nice. lol@P.T. Barnum
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