Do You Love Your Cat/Dog?

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Is Your Cat/Dog Neutered?

  1. Mine was neutered when I got it

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  2. I had it neutered because it it good for Him/Her

    3 vote(s)
  3. I had it neutered because this is convinient for Me

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  4. Mine is not neutered

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  1. a simple poll. feel free to comment.
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    The only reason I've not put you on ignore is to read your stuff and wonder how long the state mental institute you're in lets you have a computer in that rubber room.:confused:

    Btw, is this you?
  4. try to stick to the topic
  5. Lucrum


    Yet another one star poll.

    Hey, how about a poll on how many have married their half sister?

  6. don't you and your other 7 brother-raters think it is a waste of time to bother rating threads irrelevantly of content?

    you guys crack me up.
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    Just keep telling yourself that stubby.

    You guys that married your half sister crack me up. :D
  8. i bet you see a lot of it GA, maybe in your own town...

    -- Shortie Freud Out
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    A very poor rendition of Rennick.
  10. Mine is not neutered, but will be when he is old enough. We just got him and he is only 8 weeks old.
    #10     Jun 20, 2011