Do you live in a white-only sundown town?

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  1. fuk em, I live in Doddsville.
  2. Where's that?
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    funny, my state is 85% white, 5% black and I guess 10% other ........ and what looks to be 50+ "sundown" towns ...

    do you live in a town where you're constantly bombarded with messages that you and your peers are awful, hateful, white-supremicist monsters?

    fuck 'em, indeed
  4. solid communities are bad?
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    The KKK is located in Dawson Springs Kentucky, but that town isn't on the list. I don't think the list is accurate.

    And there are Sandpointe Idaho is known for white supremacy. But they aren't on the list either.

    The list needs to be updated.

    Do you have a map of the towns with the least amount of crime? That is what I am interested in - A no crime town.
  6. They were broken up by the law quite awhile ago... Most of them
    were put in jail so they could hang out with their bros...:p

    Imagine the irony of that...
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    They were NOT put in jail. And they were NOT broken up by the law. The law does not break up businesses and religions. The KKK Is both a religion and a business. They promote Christianity, Jesus, the new testament and the importance of not intermarrying outside of your race. They are not doing nothing different than a Mormon church is doing. It's the same things.

    Having a business and running a church in not against the law in America. That information you posted is false. It isn't against the law in America to not like somebody because of their skin color or religion either.

    The KKK were sued in civil court for beating up on a family who were trespassing onto the KKK property and land. The KKK told them to leave and they wouldn't. So the KKK guards beat them up. The family sued in civil court and won 6 million. But the KKK did not go to jail.

    They were NEVER put in jail.

    The KKK is still strong in the United States. They are still a very large group. There are many members still promoting them. They are your local police, doctors, surgeons, business owners, politicians, dentists, school teachers. They are all over the place. They don't advertise it like they did years ago. And they won't tell you that they belong to the Klan. It is more of a secret club they keep among themselves.
  8. I'm surprised Arlington Heights, IL is on this "list"

    I've ate, drank, drove, partied in Arlington Heights, and never had a problem :)
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