Do you listen to CNBC?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nugget, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Nugget


    This is for the Day Traders. Do you guys listen to cnbc all day? I find after 11am its all noise. Of course I have my news feeds and such, but when they do report news, its always late so therefor useless, they have their own agenda etc... I know a couple of traders that listen in all day, I personally mute it at 11am and just listen to my other news feeds. How about yourselves?
  2. gaj


    cnbc's my default channel. i generally use it if someone pumps a stock, i'll fade it...also, i'll hear if any data happens, etc.

    i will switch off of cnbc to something non-financial when:
    -> political idiots (meaning diametrically opposed viewpoints) come on and start arguing.
    -> gasparino is on with almost anyone.
    -> later in the day, as you do.

    i have made money a few times trading WITH cnbc, but those are few and far between.

    (edit: there's others i switch the channel on. that moron with the dweeby glasses who was with fortune, i switch on him as well. i'm sure there are more)
  3. me2


    faber if he breaks something, pisani for the trading commentary. usually a few times a month cnbc will be good for a big mover. rest is fluff. new dude w/ glasses and chip on his shoulder is painful to listen to, as is maria, liesman, and kernan.
  4. Bloomberg I find is better, it's company if nothing else plus they have some cute looking presenters :)
  5. GGSAE


    Aside from catching sports highlights around lunchtime I don't watch any t.v. during the trading day.
  6. Lucrum


    I'll have it on with the volume down low.
    As soon as they start arguing I mute it.
    About the only interviews I care to watch are with traders. Cashin, Jack B. and the like.
  7. Is that crazy old currencies guy still on there, can't remember his name now, always stood in front of a wall chart waving his arms around and shouting a lot.
  8. Surdo


    Fox Business has much less cheerleading + Liz Claman's jugs.
  9. The Weather Channel.

    BTW: They're calling for 5-10 feet of new snow in the Sierra's from Friday through Sunday. We'll be skiing with snorkel by Monday

  10. ET70424


    I did in the late 80s. Haven't tuned in for more than 10 years now.

    If I recall correctly, it was known as FNN (Financial News Network) then?

    The anchor's last name was Griffith, as I recall. Wonder what the guy's doing and where. Any updates?

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