Do you like sex with a condom?

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    I picked up the recent Esquire and it has an article on your brain, heart and balls. I read through them one by one. I know most of what is in the brain section and read through it fast. The heart section I read more carefully but it is also mostly review. I get to the balls section. I mean, how often do you have a need to read about your balls?

    It gets to a point in the article where it says "I hate condo sex." I nod approvingly to myself. It continues, "My friend Troy likes having condom sex with his wife - "It's great" , he says, "you can pretend she's a hooker" - but Troy is a pervert." I nod again thinking, the only time sex with a condom is passable is when you do it because it is sleazy and raunchy, not because you are thinking of consequences (I have a sad story about my experience with condom sex, but I rather not). For crying out loud, what happened to the Christian method of birth control?

    Anyway, I recommend reading this article. I was laughing so loud to the point where people started looking at me funny :D :D :D
  2. I think the answer might depend on whether you were dishing it out or taking it.
  3. I like sex with a woman instead.
  4. lol :p
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    screw that, i "pull and pray ".
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    Wait whats the sad story?
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    Nope. But I can tell you this, I grew up fast.
  9. There is no effective Christian method of birth control. Abstinence just cant happen for everybody. Certainly not me.
  10. i don't like sex with a condom but i LOVE that look on their pretty faces while they ring up my Magnum XL Extra Large 30 pack :D
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