Do you lie about your trading results?

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How often do you lie about your trading results?

  1. Embarassingly often - I have loss disclosure aversion

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  2. Occasionally

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  3. Rarely

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  4. NEVER!!!!! EVER EVER EVER!!!!

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  1. How often do you lie about your trading results?
  2. nkhoi


  3. I only tell the truth on April 15th.
  4. Yes well I dont tell my bird when I have a very good day otherwise she would hit me up for extra dough as she doesnt give a shit when I have a loser so I try not to say too much at all.
  5. Gotta love deceptive language

    "I doubled my money" Yea ...on a tiny trade
  6. s.t. we both know you are FULL OF SHIT.....come clean, and I may leave you be.....come clean........putz
  7. That's like asking if your girlfriend ever fakes her orgasm
  8. I am telling truth to everybody with exception of my wife...
  9. asap


    i am sure jack does tell the truth. he makes 3X the atr on a daily basis.

  10. IRS knows the truth.

    When they don't, they will audit you and then charge some obscene interest on the lie or mistake.

    Simply, there are some traders saying they are making a particular amount when they are making much more or deducted/categorized something incorrectly...

    Intentionally or via a mistake.

    Yep, I'm obviously still sour about a nasty audit many years ago. :mad:

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