Do you hedge with gold, if so, how?

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  1. Do you hedge with gold, if so, how?
  2. Nobert



    It's all about - how.

    We know that Bridge Waters has ~4500 people.
    Also they had ~4500 positions in markets.

    How, is the product of this craft.

    If you wrote like :
    ,,I did this, this, this and that, failed, tried again, failed, got bit close, and now i think it's done like that, - what do you think guys ?"

    That would be, much better.
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  3. sef88


    Gld, iau
  4. Kust


    Are you sure they won't confiscate it again as they did already?

    I'd like to read some good ideas about how to hedge against hyperinflation and other severe catastrophies.
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  5. %
    NOT gold coins/they did not=clearly exempted.
    I like long ETFs, 2 x etfs + some inverse etfs, guns + ammo, real estate + tithe.
    All that has done well long term except inverse etfs /which is clearly designed for trading.
    Of course leveraged realty can get forclosed on but i was talking about paid for real estate..................................................................................................:caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:
  6. maxinger


    Absolutely not.
    It is very foolish and stupid to hedge with gold.
    Only a fool would do such stupid thing.

    If I buy corn futures, I would issue a sell stop order for it.

    If I sell corn futures, i would issue a buy stop order for it.

    Corn and gold are different animals!!!!

    One is food, and the other is a non living thing which is not edible!!!!! !!
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  7. Cabin111


    This is how I hedge it...Others may not consider it a real hedge, but it works for me. I will buy stock in RING...Both in my trust account and Roth IRA. It is in gold mining stocks. It also pays about a .8% on the dividend. I then will do a covered call on the stock. If it get called away I'll buy it again, do another covered call. It's just my way to hedge gold...