Do You have other talents Besides trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mahram, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. I was wondering, alot of traders have other talents and hobbies besides trading that helps them focus when trading, personally for me to handle the pressure I like to weight lift and plays sports, and do martial arts *akido* , I know some traders that play instruments, or do other sports....I was wondering what you guys do besides trading.
  2. TimP


    Improve our algorithms. :)
  3. I am going to give the obvious answer here....but i enjoy playing poker.
  4. I forgot that one 2, and dont forget blackjack, I know alot of good option traders, and they are crazy blackjack and poker players

  5. I love to play hockey. If there are any other ET's from Minnesota and play hockey, hit me up. Plus the obvious poker, blackjack. Keeping my body in shape keeps my mind in shape.
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    lots and lots of masturbation
  7. Guitar, trading under the influence (Jim Beam), partying with loose women (and the better the party the better the following day's trades), reciting Monte-Carlo poetry :D
  8. I relieve my stress by diddling my girlfriend. Strengthens the fingers and makes them faster on the keyboard.
  9. Used to be a half decent landscape painter. Wouldnt you know it, no-one buys art!:confused:
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    portrait painter :)
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