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  1. I have spent about a month on "a simple price action approach". I am about sick of it. The hardest part is wading though all the non-relevant posts, the one's where a little conflicts flare up between certain people, and escalate, or the ever-present person who has nothing to offer except sarcasm. That's why it takes so long to wade through a thread of that size. Now I am ready for my next great thread. About me: I have been studying for about two years. But it wasn't until two weeks ago that I have ever made money. Thanks entirely to the aforementioned thread. I trade the ES exclusively, and have been studying the ES for about a year. Prior to that I studied individual stocks. Shots Fired.
  2. two ways to get thru the nonsense fast

    block people that consistenly say something stupid

    go to the your account part of the site (top right hand corner) and change the posts per page from the default 10 to 40 - this will cut down on the number of clicks in long threads by a factor of 4
  3. anyone figured out how to block a certain moderator, pls pm me :(
  4. Using the ignore feature is a great idea Frank, I didn't think of it.
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  6. haha i ignored jack hershey and some pages had like 2 posts b/c all of his nonsense ramblings had been blocked.
  7. Shots fired:

    Hi there.

    This post will make it easier to put me on ignore.
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    If you don't like the posts of a member, why is it so hard to just scroll past the posts without reading them?
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    It's even easier to put them on ignore so what's your issue with that?
  10. it's not - it's just more efficient to block them. i'm not telling everyone to do this i'm just saying it works for me. if people don't like the idea then they can read everything.
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