do you have a gambling PROBLEM ?

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    if i have a losing day,i cannot wait for the next trading day so i can recoup my losses.
    if i have a bad week,i cannot wait for the friggin weekend to end so i can start trading again on monday.
    if i get a margin call,i immediately pay it so i am allowed to trade as soon as possible.
    i get bored listening and talking about subjects that don't revolve around stocks., thats called being focused and loving what you do right?????
    If i have a losing day i beat myself up and swear it was only due to LACK OF DISCIPLINE........had i only followed my rules,i would not have taken a loss. wait,trading is all about risk,too disciplined and no one makes!
    wait,all this talk about compulsion,and interest in stocks is really me just being dedicated right; thats a good thing????

    yeah, trading is not gambling !!!! what do you all think?
    but Goldman Sachs engage in daytrading so i am doing the same thing? wait,goldman traders get a salary and dO NOT trade their own money. hmmm,thats a bit different than what i do.
    all i need to do is take a few weeks off and analyze what i did wrong and i will come back a better and more disciplined trader. ITS GOOD TO TAKE A BIG LOSS,THATS HOW YOU LEARN TO BE A GOOD TRADER? every loss is a learning experience,thats what separates a good trader from a bad one right? a good trader will view a loss as a good lesson and a bad one will get frustrated and quit right? not so sure about that one....
    no matter what career you choose,you will always have good days and bad days,no different than trading right? well,when you have a bad day at work i am sure that does'nt mean you lose 5k. you still get a paycheck. if you own your own business and business is bad,you don't drop 20k in a week do you? and if your expenses are that high,i am sure you have money in the bank and can close the doors. get the drift here?
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