Do you have a facebook?

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  1. If so, and you want to talk about stocks or anything market related or just life in general and are looking for other traders outside of ET, give me a PM. :D
  2. Um, what is a facebook?

    kinda had to ask, you know.
  3. ..the social networking website. Its like myspace, but better imo. Its for people of all ages. You can find old high school friends and join groups about things that interest you, and create a profile for other people to see. Its really cool. :)

    its free. give it a try
  4. Hmm, that the problem with myspace-according to the rules, if i want to swear a blue streak at something, that would be in violation of the conduct rules.

    I like the idea, website for dummies, but myspace is targeted at tweens, how is this different?
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    I think it's easier to have inappropriate sexual banter w/underage Congressional pages on Facebook.

  6. Haha, , thanks hcour.
    And what the heck is a page?
    I thought that job description died out in england 180+ years ago.

    Seriously-if i wan 't to swear and stuff, or post a reveiw of an adult movie, or, god forbid-TALK ABOUT MARKET orientated things, than yeah, by my reading of these things, myspace isnt for me.:)

    But how is facebook better?
    I dont want to look up highschool shit, i dont want to know what anyone might be doing.
    This is all aimed at people WITH a social network, not someone trying to develop one.
  7. Facebook was originally ment only for college students, however because myspace was rising in popularity, facebook had to expand as well, so now anyone can have a facebook profile, not just people in school.

    Yes, facebook is aimed at people already with a social network, but ALSO for people with very little of one like myself. Like I said before, you can find people with similar interests through the many groups that are on there, and you can even form your own. I'm in 5 different trading groups.
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    Is there a lot of participation in your groups?

  9. I joined this weekend, so its been kinda dead, but I hope this Monday it will pick up. Kinda like ET, seems most dont want to think about trading over the weekend.
  10. What is the average age here on ET?... because anyone 18-32 should know what facebook and myspace are. Maybe I just dont get out enough. :(
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