Do you hate taking days off?

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    How do you tell yourself to take some time off and enjoy the $$$ that you earned?

    I feel like I'm losing money when I'm not trading.

    I found myself trading at a hotel during my last two vacations (although only for the first two market hours each day). When I plan my vacation, I need to make sure I have a reliable internet connection. :D

    I guess I haven't gotten over one aspect of being a full-time, corporate employee: paid vacations!

    Another issue may be that I feel like I'm not making enough $$$ currently, so taking some days-off is detrimental to my annual income.

    I guess if you're making high six figures or even $1 million or more, then taking days off will be easier....
  2. sung - couple ways to view it:

    1) Plan your vacation to include a 2 hour morning trading session. Just plan it in so you don't feel bad about doing. Obviously notify family, etc.

    2) Just leave it at home. Enjoy the time away. The market is not going anywhere and will be here waiting for you when you return.

    I know what you are saying b/c I am the same way. I found that either building it in to the plan or just leaving it away is best. Trying to 'sneak' it in is just a recipe for disaster on so many levels.
  3. A vacation should be just that, a vacation. Once I get in a groove, I do hate to take time off but it really does wonders for the mind.

    I may find myself checking out the market action if I find an internet connection but the more I do that, the less I take myself out of vacation mode.

    I've come to learn the market isn't going anywhere while I'm gone. Sure, I may miss some good action but there will always be action.

    Some of my best trading has happened immediately following a vacation, when my mind is completely refreshed and has been defragmented!
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    I can't take a real vacation. I am completely tethered to my Blackberry, checking quotes every 15 minutes, even while sitting on the beach or drinking at the bar. I also feel like I can't cut loose and relax if I am not sitting in front of a computer staring at TWS during market hours.

    It drives my wife crazy, and for good reason.
  5. A trading coach I was consulting roundly cirticized me for not taking time off and making more time for social activities, friends and family.

    I told here this is just the way it is.

    She told me to "get a life" ... I think she might have been right and part of the plan is to try to make more time for the (other things) that really matter in my life.

    But it's really hard, this all consuming thing that trading is.

    Good trading.
  6. This is a really good thread.

    I can't remember the last time I took some time with the family that didn't include working and/or trading(at least checking quotes)

    For me it always feels like I am losing money when I take time away from trading. Even if I miss an hour or two I look to see what trades I missed and how much I would have made. If I go to lunch today (good Friday) it will be the first time in months during a weekday.

    I am planning on going out to the black hills and deadwood area with my family and I told my wife that I would be doing some trading and I was taking my multi monitor computer set up.

    I received a free hotel and free entry into a blackjack tournament in vegas next month and I told my wife I didnt think we would go because I didnt want to miss out trading.

    I know for a fact if I am not flat I will be checking quotes all day long.

    After reading the posts I am thinking maybe just get flat before I leave and just leave it behind and try to 'defrag' my brain as someone so rightly worded it.

    I wish everyone a good three day weekend.
  7. Years ago I was in the Caribbean before they had reliable phone service from some of the islands. There was a risk arb trader driving himself crazy because he couldn't keep in constant touch with his office.

    Make a real effort to leave it behind when you are on vacation. Even if you trade very short term you need to have a somewhat longer term prospective about your career as a trader.

    If you don't recharge the batteries properly over time it will cost you. It will cost you in health, relationships, contentment and MONEY!
  8. That's an interesting way to look at this.

    Thanks for that insight.

    Sometimes, I get too bogged down on making money every day that I do let my trading affect other areas of my life....
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    Here is a solution:

    Go somewhere the time change allows you to trade a few hours when your wife, kids, friends, or whoever you go with are asleep.

    Western US, Hawaii, etc.
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    If you trade on your vacation and you lose money or the position is down, the vacation ends up as not a vacation.

    Forget trading on vacation and go somewhere where you are busy doing something you like and that takes you far away from an internet connection.

    The best advice i ever got was. Nobody on their death bed ever says I wish I worked more!!!!!!

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