Do you hate stock message boards?

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  1. I have used the internet for so many different purposes. I've used it to meet women, used it to meet friends, used it to find jobs, etc.

    The internet has been a net positive in my life...the only exception is stock message boards. The responses I have read on these stock message boards can be extremely hostile and rude. Some of the posts seem to have been worded at times by people who are way out there and not in touch with reality.

    What is it about these stock message boards where people feel the need to be so weird and hostile? I went to and a few other hotbed websites where I didnt quite see quite the same reactions.

    What is so wrong about believing the market will go this way or that...or that the S&P will touch this number or that number...etc? Its just someone's opinion, only words on a screen by someone you dont know. Those words are not insulting your family, but only trying to state an opinion about a topic that really shouldnt be that controversial. If the S&P goes to this number or that number, then who cares if the guy was right or not.

    In order to lose faith in humanity, you simply need to go to a stock message board and read the different responses. It is truly that bad. . .
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    cause they are full of losers, getting aggressive when you tell them they are going to lose again...
  3. michael,
    you'd be pissed if a mormon kept coming to your house yelling hell is coming tomorrow if you don't convert every 2 days.

    when you obviously know the guy is retarded.
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    I have felt the same way alot of the time here. Got to be selective and stay away from browsing around in other threads stick to a couple. Even then you pretty much have to wade through the DUNG to get to some reasonable people discussing reasonable things that may help you see a different perspective and learn. Unfortunately stocks, futures, and money interests a large number of EGO's. They are vile and stupid alot of the time because generally the people here have know idea what they are doing, are scared of losing money, are desperate, are jealous of any inkling of success, and have just come to the point where the only thing that makes them feel better about themselves is to destroy others. Certainly the anonymity makes these actions and reactions all the more prevalent. Be cautious.

    JIM :)
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    I watched one for quite a while, I worked for the company. It was pathetic, the same few people calling each other names all day... I made a call just once, got it right, some moron was trashing me for it even after it was obvious that I had gotten it right. That was years ago. I could not find much reason to read the thing after that unless it was to laugh at the guys defending the company management, I worked there, I knew what they were like.
  6. Isn't that redundant, a retarded moron?


    Mormon/moron, same thing.:p
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