Do you hate all Muslims?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, May 13, 2010.

Do you hate all Muslims?

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    My best friend from the time i was growing up is a muslim, and thus i was invited to alot of family gatherings of his, where it was basically 95% muslim people. You know who my friend and his friends blame for the majority of anti muslim sentiment today? MUSLIM EXTREMISTS. When we travelled together to toronto to visit his uncle you know who he blamed when he was asked to take his shoes off at the airport and i wasnt? Muslim extremists. When he got funny looks on an air plane he blamed muslim extremists.

    If people in general laid blame FIRST on themselves, or people within their own race/religion who were creating problems, as opposed to the poor guy at the airport trying to enforce rules, the world would be miles ahead of where it is today. The problem is that Liberals have infected people today with a sentiment where it isnt the fault of anyone who is actually committing the crime it is the fault of the people putting 2 and 2 together, and realising that a large majority of certain crmies come from certain people.

    The large majority of americans dont hate muslisms(myself included), but they hate muslim extremists, lets start putting the blame where the blame should truly lie, instead of playing this game of how wrong it is to blame muslims, lets be realistic and say that the large majority of terrorist attacks within the world come from muslim extremists. And then lets start to deal with this FACT.
  3. not just muslims, I hate almost everyone, most humans are pathetic and cheap anyways

    I am a stronger advocator of hatred, the more humans hate eachother the happier I am, so keep up the hating and keep hating
  4. that's because muslims are fucking pathetic, they're pussylickers, with all the disrespect they keep getting from the americans and british, they are still sucking up to them ... "it's not me, it's the other bad muslim" ... that's really pathetic, if I were a muslim and with that type of disrespect towards me, I'd just say "ya, it's us, we all hate you, every one billion of us, now what the fuck do you want to do about it, you want to start a war, let's do it, pussy whores" ... na, muslims are just little cunts who keep begging americans and coming up with all kinds of shitty excuses just so americans don't see them as terrorists ... that's so pussy like, so what if americans see you as terrorists, fuck americans, they are terrorists themselves anyways, they rape a new country every decade
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    Damn, i knew paying taxes hurts, but apparently Tim Geithner becomes homicidal over the whole issue. :) Remind me to never piss off geithner. I dont even know where to start with the following sentence. But i may as well break it down piece by piece as he seems to be on a homicidal rant.

    Muslims are not "pathetic" in fact, i think most muslims living in the western world are fairly affluent. I am also some what positive that they dont eat "pussy" as it would be somewhat abnormal in their male dominated society. The only disrespect i seem to see geared towards muslims would be coming from you, Timothy Giethner, and you only.

    Pfffft now your just dealing with a totally unrealistic scenario, I cant even imagine a scenario where the entire set of 1 billion muslims hated the United States...... ...... thats just not realistic...... you need to grow up...... :)
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    most muslims in the west are not affluent, Europe's muslim ghettos attest to that.

    I hate that entire fairy tale primitive religion and what it stands for. It teaches intolerance, hate, and a certain type of dangerous religious elitism which not only seeks to seperate itself from the rest of society, but many Imams push an agressive agenda of proseltyzation and takeover of all facets of life.

    In muslims countries this means highly oppressive theocracies, in the west it means attempted takeover of a host nation by high birthrate, terrorizing nonmuslim populations, and abusing the legal system.

    The people that live by this tortured primitive belief system tend to be hateful, pushy, rude, and extremely closed minded -yet self assured (brainwashed). They are completely convinced that their religion is what is best for everyone. There are millions of muslim Hitlers walking around.

    No other religion churns out such a high proportion of ass holes, so yes I really hate a good percentage of them.