Do you gun law people also believe we should ban cars?

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  1. Have you looked at the number of people killed in car accidents? It is far and away a much larger number than killed by guns, and even more so if you pick a subset of guns to make illegal.
    We have drunk driving laws and yet the number of drunk driving deaths is ahead of the number of gun deaths year after year, why isn't alcohol illegal? We obviously can't trust people to control their drinking when driving.
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    The anti-gun pussies like to argue this comparison isn't valid because cars are "useful".
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    I'm more afraid of a soccer mom texting at the wheel than any normal person with a gun. I'm waiting for the left to apply "if it saves one life" to that issue...and swimming pools...and using knives...and electric outlets....and walking under high rises or trees on windy days...or stepping on their porch on cold icy days....guess I'll stop since the list would essentially be indefinite.
  4. I posted this after getting a call from a buddy at 3:30 this morning to come bail him out for what will be his 4th DUI. I told him he fu**ed up too many times and I'll help him get help, but to call his lawyer to get out of jail. I guess by the grace of God he hasn't killed anyone, yet.
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    Murder/man slaughter is and has been outlawed for a very very long time. I don't see the point in outlawing HOW it's done or WHAT it's done with. It's redundant at best and just plain stupid at worst.

    DUI laws do not keep those so inclined from driving under the influence.

    Hey that gives me an idea though, how about creating DUI free zones on certain sections on certain streets?
  6. We register cars, require background checks before one can get a license and place speed limits on roads. Next question?
  7. Bingo, we all ready have the laws. How about we enforce them and quit letting idiots back out to ruin peoples lives.
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    Mostly so they can be taxed
    Really? Which states do that?
    Mostly so we can be taxed some more with speeding fines. It has little or nothing to do with safety.
    Why are you such an idiot?
  9. A sampling of the gun violence continuing around the country yesterday: In Ohio, the bodies of four people, two men and two women, were found yesterday. All four had been shot in the head (link). Last night in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, a man shot and killed his ex-wife and shot and wounded her 16-year-old daughter before either shooting and killing himself or being shot by police (link). Last night in Topeka, Kansas, one man was shot and killed and another was shot and wounded (link). Eight people were shot in Chicago between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning (link). Three people were shot and wounded in Colleton County, South Carolina, last night (link).

    All of us continue to pay for this mayhem through higher health care costs, higher insurance rates, lost productivity, and higher security costs, while the gun manufacturers continue to make money hand over fist.
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    Sounds like we need to institutionalize the mentally ill and stop paroling repeat violent offenders and execute them instead. Oh wait, the anti-gun pussies are staunchly opposed to any real solutions.
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