Do you get depressed at Christmas?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, Dec 21, 2003.

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    I notice as the holidays roll around once again that EliteTrader is turning into a dumping ground for the psychologically bereft.

    I know a lot of people get depressed around the holidays because of unmet expectations, lack of sunlight, cold weather and other reasons.
  2. Christmas is great! Family...friends...parties!

    A wonderful time of year.

    Downside...Markets closed :(

    Guess I am a market junkie :D
  3. I've always heard that after the holidays is where people get depressed, like in January. I've seen reports on tv advocating people to buy some sort of lighting for the house to filter out the "gray" light during the winter months to relieve them of their depression.
  4. Momento


    Hey Cathy, it's missing a "NO" in your answer choices :)

    and No, I don't think that I get depress during the holiday season. My expectations like you mentioned were not met this year, but then again I look forward to a better 2004, that's all. Try thinking of the brighter future, not the past.

    Merry Christmas to ALL ET members!
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    Yes, I realized that and had no way of changing it......I just goofed....too much eggnog? Too much Merry Christmas.:D

    Well you can see I have a positive attitude....even my negative answers had a yes in front of them.

    So your answer would be....Yes, I like Christmas......
    :) :)
  6. As in "Yes we have no bananas"?
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    LOL:D :D
  8. Chistmas is all about myth and money, why be joyful :-/
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    So why NOT?

    It is really a pagan holiday celebrating the longest it is like the darkest day of the year. The lights are my favorite part and all the eating and carousing. It is a week of celebrating before the New Year gets here and life gets sober once again.