Do you find the recession funny?? :D

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by spanish89, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Serious question,
    who else actually finds the recession funny?? :)

    * Its made trading extremely easy to have made 1000%+ profit over the last half of the year, since all you had to do was just sell!! :D

    * Its worried everyone else in the world about them losing their jobs, and yet as traders we are the 1s who are exempt form this worry as we are self employed, and make extra money from this as there is more volatility so more movement to make money from.. :)

    * The whole thing is now just scare mungering done by the media.. :D
    Since 1st half of the year a person on a salary fo say £20k per year would go and live their life normally, buying normal stuff from shops and having normal holidays.
    However just because the media have been publishing all about how the world is in recession there people, still getting that 20k, are now supposedly 'not spending that cash like they were a few months ago', just because the news says the word 'recession!! :D :eek: :D

    I dont know if its just me, but when i go to the shops i but whatever i want to buy.
    The news and state of the global economy simply has absolutely no affect whatsoever in my decisions.

    Put it this way, we went into recession at the end of the year 2006 yeah...
    So that means the recession was there for the entire year and yet what damage did it do for all those months and months??? :cool:
    How much less money did people start spending during that time because times were too hard financially for them?? :p

    NONE!! :D

    The reason was that the media werent telling the public to worry and be scared and that teh world was falling apart,
    and so people didnt have any problems.

    It was only when the media actually started banging on about it all and creating all those great headlines that people started 'feeling scared about this thing that had been there for the past 9months'...
  2. Good analysis. With the economy being so consumer driven these days, a recession can spread like wild fire. People also only spend as long as they feel confident about their medium term income, I bet you do, but when everyone working in a consumer related job sees the headlines and listens to their friends, the fear spreads..

    And yes I find it funny that suddenly the media says "not another next depression". They saw the abyss and didn't like it, now they're trying to avoid that while still having a severe recession. Funny how it only started after the bailouts.
  3. Spanish I hate your guts but I did find recession funny enough

    the only problem is I do worry about depression and even worse

    I am just that type,