Do you find day trading exhausting?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Unquestionably, Feb 18, 2011.

Do you find day trading exhausting?

  1. Yes, it completely zaps my energy!

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  2. No, my energy level is unaffected by it!

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  1. Do you find day trading exhausting?
  2. regento


    i begin to find it boring !!

    too long i m doing this !

    the most problematic is keeping wanting to make money when u don t need to !
  3. But that is the best way to make money, when you're not needy!

    Been day trading seriously for nearly a week now. My energy is zapped d/t the need to continuously monitor the stock price, plus my heart is beating like crazy hoping my trade doesn't kill me financially...
  4. regento


    cool man, that s the real living, u ll get use to it !

    even after 15 years, you ll get stressed of holding any big position

    wait for one real volatile day to know if ur up to it !
  5. NoDoji


    And this is occurring because...

    A)'re trading without protective stops and/or averaging down?

    B) can't bear to take a loss until a huge chunk of your account is wiped out?

    C)'re leveraged to the max and if your stop loss is triggered, the slippage alone could wipe out a huge chunk of your account?

  6. This shouldn't even be a possibility.
  7. Hello


    I used to find it exhausting in this market, then i found a butter knife and I pried the F1-F6 keys out of my keyboard, (those were my sell keys) It seems to be much less of a struggle now. :D
  8. A. I use mental stops.

    B. Even the sight of a $50 paper loss will cause me panic.

    C. I don't (intend to) use margin.

    Maybe it's the fear of a sudden sharp spike in the opposite direction of my trade. Or, maybe that's how the stock manipulator wants me to feel during a shakeout.
  9. TRS


    No, but i find longer term trading tiring and not beneficial to my life.
    You have to find the form of trading best suited to your make up/psychology.
  10. It's time for you to find a new endeavor.
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