Do You Feel Uncomfortable When Air Stewardesses Greet Goodbye

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Li Ka Shing, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Do you feel uncomfortable when air stewardesses stand lined up and greet goodbye to you as you leave the plane? I know I do.

    The aisle is small, and there's not enough private/ personal space. When you walk to leave the plane definitely you need to pass them in close proximity, without any chance of escape, and they will say 'Goodbye' , 'Thank you' , 'See you again' coupled with the usual nod and smile.

    I find this rather uncomfortable.

    This is an invasion of privacy.

    Another note you notice that in front of the front row usually there will be a stewardess seat. A stewardess will sit there during takeoff and landing. Also during other times.

    Well one time recently, I happen to sit at the front row, just opposite the stewardess seat. True enough, a stewardess sat there in front of me. For quite a while.

    I find this very uncomfortable for me. I was sitting facing her, and she was sitting facing me. My seat is almost perfectly linear in front of her seat, with almost no degree of sideways divergence. This put me in a difficult and awkward position.

    So I found myself trying extremely hard not to come into any eye contact with the admittedly very pretty stewardess.

    I was put in an agony for what seem like an eternity.

    I attempted to sleep, I was tired actually, but it was impossible. Not with a pretty stewardess sitting just in front of me. I end up trying and adjusting many times my sleeping position so I would look like an elegant sleeper. Such was the effect.

    It was one of my least enjoyable flight experiences ever.

    All this just create stress, tension, invasion of privacy, lack of rest, lack of comfort.

    Well my suggestion is for the airline industry to start employing normal looking, better still, slightly unattractive people. And don't place that stewardess seat there, nor greet goodbye or greet welcome.

    Let everybody have a stress free, low pressure, low key, enjoyable, flight experience.
  2. hcour

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    I usually take this opportunity to rub up against them for a freebie. But that's just me...



    I look forward to a hot stewardess sitting in front of me,

    in fact thats a LOCK for a buddy once we land after we have 2 hour chat.

    Goodbyes and hellos?


    stop hiding in the cave, its ok to look out once in awhile :D
  4. Id be a lot more uncomfortable if they said "goodbye" during boarding, actually.:eek:
  5. Lucrum


    What airline were you on that actually had an attractive flight attendant? I haven't noticed one in maybe 10 years or more.
  6. LOL!!! You're a wreck!:D
  7. traderob


    I flew China Airlines last week. Not too bad at all.
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    It has already been done: fly United Airlines.
  9. Last year I flew Singapore Airlines on a trip to Asia. I had the aisle seat across the bulkhead seat and I could not keep my eyes off the stewardess. Actually, most of them were mama mia... :D
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