Do you feel like a Celebrity?

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  1. We all know the failure rate in trading, so no need to repeat

    those numbers, but for all of you that have been in the game for

    4+ years, do you feel "Super special"?. You are the remaining

    10%...thats gotta feel pretty damn cool. Doing something you

    love, making good money, and being one of the very few that

    survived the game.

    1. When you reflect on your life as a does it make you feel?..what thoughts run through your head?

    2. When you tell people you are a trader, does it spark people's interest?..or do most frown upon your career?

    3. At what point in your trading career did you know for sure that you were going to be a trader for the rest of your life..(or very long time). What obstacles did you have to get over to get to that point.. (Emotional control..discipline...?)

    4. How has trading affected your personal life after becoming a big success?..Do you live the good life, or do you keep everything pretty much the same as it was before?

    - nathan
  2. - I've been trading for 10 years, almost 11. I don't think about what you mentioned. As for you, nathan, stop thinking about those things... why the delusional questions???

    Anyways, a VERY serious response. May sound like a joke but it's what pops up in my head when I read the questions...

    A1. "Shit Happens"

    A2. I don't tell people. I tell people (non-financial industry) I'm a porn actor. (I'm serious)

    A3. I'm sure I'll have sex with Jessica Alba. Obstacle? I haven't met her yet.

    A4. I'm not still a big success. But in terms of small success, the secretary and the female co-workers want to date me. I haven't changed, I don't date ugly chicks.

    nathan, you might want to post your problem on the psychology thread... :p
  3. It makes me feel sad, everytime I look at all of the expenses I accrue from trading. What thoughts run through my head? Oh how I wish I had opened a trading brokerage back in the mid nineties. Win, lose, or draw; The brokers are the only ones with a true edge in trading. Like the House in casino gaming...

    Single, mid or lower-class women under 25? Yes. To everyone else I am just a professional gambler who'll eventually go bust. (or at least they've been thinking that for the last 5 years)

    Who the hell wants to trade for the rest of their life? I want to retire in ten or less...

    Living off of a small percentage of my gross earnings helps me to cover my living expenses for the month relatively quickly, and also it helps to grow the trading accounts. That being said, everyone needs a hobby. Like buying a bottle of Pernod Fils at auction, or paying for a dancer's college fund... Then again, I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer this, I'm just a small fry...
  4. haha. trading is still a job, no matter how you look at it. too many highschool dropouts thinking they're going straight to the pros
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    there are real traders that either one of, seriously 1/1millionth of a percent, that get it and can trade as a career alone. Who knows how they feel. Then there are real, oldschool traders who clerked first and learned from an actual trader.....they get the appreciation cause they went through the shit (this is my route).

    They there are the others, who've never talked o another trader other than a message board, they might last a good bull phase if they're capitalized and smart, but they're a different group than what I'm used to.
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    Yes! Thank you.