Do you feel guilty shorting.

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  1. For some weird reason I felt bad somehow today for shorting and making money today. Do you guys ever feel a bit guilty when short selling and making profits. I did not short BSC but I guess know what happened with them is bad.
  2. FUCK NO!
  3. In my belief, shorting is ethically wrong, but I wouldnt condemn anyone who shorts a bank especially if its something like BSC, GS, C...etc

    I hate these guys with a passion
  4. Shorting is not ethically keeps people honest...if you try to defraud your shareholders the market WILL find out and your stock will be is capitalism at its best!
  5. empee


    No. Do you feel guilty being long? Do you feel guilty when you short, get squeezed and the longs laugh at you?
  6. No, I just like money. There is nothing wrong about it. Hell, perma bulls need shorts to inflate the market when the trade goes against a short. Works both ways and creates equilibreum....

    I am long now (until tomorrow). I feel guilty.:)
  7. NO! because short is just like long trade has risk as well.

    if your timing is right, you can make money both short & long.

    it's your hard work that makes you money so you deserve it.
  8. That's right, shorting is a punishment for corportate misbehaviours that would otherwise go unpunished.

    Shorting keeps corporations honest (or at least sleazy :eek: ).
  9. I've read a few interviews (maybe one of the stock market wizard books) addressing your question. Some who were short on 911 did admit feeling guilty and didn't take further advantage of the situation. I suppose it depends on the individual.

    I agree with the others though, if the cos are mismanaged, you earned your paycheck.
  10. i didn't feel guilty when i lost money at first, i don't feel guilty making money by all the means at my disposal.
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