Do you expect another sell-off after earnings?

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    Quarter 4 2018 was one of the worst quarters in history. It happened right after most of the major movers completed their earnings reports.

    Nflix beat earnings but tanked 15%
    Apple decided to hide their numbers
    Nvda got caught on the bitcoin train

    etc.. etc..

    All that happened but the whole market tanked. hard until Jan 2019. Now we have a potential cold war with China, Riots and re-election... So much uncertainty.
  2. ET180


    Think it depends also on what happens with the dollar. If it continues to weaken (due to irresponsible fiscal and monetary policy), then I think that will help hold up the market. I posted a question on here about inflation hedges a few days ago.
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    How much did we add to the national debt since we printed 6 trillion from Covid all from the fed? Now the fed owns what? 40% of US debt?
  4. Corky5


    We are clearly selling off on good earnings. I would say yes.
  5. RGLD


    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. Market tanked in 2018 mostly on good earnings.
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    Do you mean by calendar? Jan 2019 was when companies reported their Q4 2018 earnings, and the market kinda' went up from there?
  7. RGLD


    Oct-Dec 2018. It was right after biggest companies reported Q3 earnings.


    November was insane 1,300 point swings. Than Dec the whole thing crashed. You don't remember?
  8. Overnight


    So it had nothing to do with the fed raising interest rates?
  9. RGLD


    They've been doing it. It went from 0-2.25% in 3 years I think? 25 basis points each time.
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    And yeah, I do remember. Here's some annotation for your chart...

    annotated fed chart.png
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