Do you expect a double dip

Discussion in 'Economics' started by maxitronixy, Apr 7, 2010.

Do you think there's gonna be a double dip?

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  1. as above
  2. masonyes


    I'm not an economics expert so this is just my opinion. But the GDP is now growing it is no long receding. Since last quarter unemployment losses have steadily dropped and just this month over 100,000 non-census jobs were created; the employed will increase each month. I also read a study that stated the chance of a double dip was calculated to be 4 percent. Based on these factors I agree the chances are extremely low.
  3. When, not if, but when he declares a double dip will happen, it definitely won't happen:

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    Such a ridiculous field of study.
  4. How about 20 years of dips?

    With all the debt, its basically a hopeless situation.
  5. ashatet


    I am hoping that there be no more dips. No one wins in recessions. Growth is a good thing.

    I think we are in for a long L
  6. Lethn


    They're printing money, we're fucked if they don't stop.
  7. IMO, this is a textbook case of a loaded question. It first assumes that we have recovered when many people could argue to the contrary. Quoting a bunch of twisted and massaged government numbers does nothing to prove as fact any sort of recovery. I saw a response above quoting census workers and then extrapolating that as job growth. He must work as one of Obama's economic advisors, give me a f'n break.

    The recovery sectors are those that are mainlining stimulus funds while those without connections are sucking wind.

    Why not look at more relevant stats like tax withholdings, sales tax collections, etc.

    I'm not going out on any sort of limb when I say things will never, ever be the same as they were a few short years ago.

  8. That was my opinion looking at the first few posts.
  9. GG1972


    We wont get a double dip cause of simple reason that it was all dumping by a lot of big hedge funds that really drove prices down. Unless we get into similar situation (which will take a long time10-15 years) we wont go down like we did earlier.
    #10     Apr 9, 2010