Do you ever turn your computer off?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ang_99, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. I pretty much never do.

    I just lock the internet through the firewall and thats basically it.

    What are the pros and cons?
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    i have a routine that i do @ least once per day which includes shutting the system down.

    i run glary utilities to clean the registry, etc...then super antispyware, diskkeeper, and shut it down. if i know that i will not be immediately trading on restart, before i shut it down i set the hd to check all the files, folders and test the hd surface.
  3. Trading Box (trading only): Turn on around 7:30 CST. Turn off when I'm certain I won't get any more MOC fills.

    Second Box (TOS, Chat, General internet): Damn near on all the time, and has virus scans happening while I'm sleeping every night. (should prob turn it off more often just to reset it, come to think of it).

    Advantages: Not sure. Just doing what I'm told by the person who picked out the specs for my trading box. The fan is kind of loud also, so I have no prob turning it of every night.
  4. of there is corruption in the bootup software / procedures then you will not find out until you reboot.

    Now if there is a problem while trading and you need to reboot then you do not want to discover that you cannot reboot.

    Not as often these days as it used to be but it can happen when you install new software and it has a memory leak.

    Always test your restart and always test your backup and recovery. No sense in religously backing up if you have never tested the recovery.

  5. Doing a cold reboot every couple of days also leads to better system behavior.
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    Unless you are trading or surfing the net all day/night, it doesnt really make any sense to keep your computer on all the time. You are just wasting electricity and adding heat to the room the computer is in....
  7. not to mention, aging your systems more quickly.
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    u should get a mac. Love mine, never looked back.
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    appreciate the thought...i've had a mac w/os 9 a few years ago...never had the Linux versions (10 & up)...have had several Linux versions on a pc though...found the mac computers annoying...i'll keep my pc w/ MS & Linux
  10. Been rebooting every day for decades.

    Little point to leaving the box on all night unless you're running a server

    Many believe their computer gets smarter if they leave it running, and has to start from scratch on boot.

    Are you one of them?
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