Do you even enjoy trading?

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  1. Right now I'm still's been about 2 years and I'm trying to battle it out everyday but I met a trader today and he was so damn bitter I thought he for sure lost money and I find out he's been having a great week. Is that the life of a successful trader? You're bad days you're bitter and on the good days, you're slightly less bitter?
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    He probably has a nagging wife that spends all his money and complains he is antisocial!

    I have other revenue streams besides trading and enjoy not having to deal with asshole clients while trading.

    Honestly, why do you care about other traders?

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    After 34 years of it, the thrill is gone. I get my "kicks" on making impossible goals, like no losses for the week based on over 60 trades. Taking three students a year and them becoming profitable is fun and profitable. But actual trading has become no high on profitable days and just frustration on losing trades. End of August, I will be retiring from day trading, hope I can stay away, as this does become an addiction. Want to spend more time backtesting ideas for long term trading, spreads and options.

    Good luck with your quest. Once you learn how, you look back and think "that's all there is to really make money?"
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    Some people jones for trading, like gambling. Others consider it a necessary evil. A means to an end.
  5. Lol so for one reason or another everyone would agree this is not a job where you close up shop for the day and actually feel good like you accomplished's a means to an end..the smart ones make the money and get out and do something else.

  6. Oh hell no. A thousand times no.

    For me trading is like sex or pizza -- bad sex is still sex, cold pizza is still pizza.

    I love markets, passionately love what I do, and love my 4 second home office commute most mornings. Even in those stretches when market conditions are absolutely shitty, I never forget how much I love it. When things are going well, I'm having so much fun it feels criminal.

    It's the most fascinating job in the world, with the most freedom you could imagine, and, if you break through and get good at it, delivers a ridiculous paycheck to boot.

    Like Steve Jobs once pointed out, anyone who is bitter, burnt out or demoralized too many days in a row should take a hard look in the mirror and maybe consider a change. Truly successful traders not only kick ass at what they do, they can't wait to fire up their screens every day. If your emotions are a millstone around your neck, you won't be able to compete with that.
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  8. It is almost a let down. I don't enjoy the act itself, because no real thinking is involved anymore, but knowing that you are a game changer in life, that's pretty darn cool!:cool:
  9. ummm, weren't you talking about giving up and joing the military or some shit the other day? how do you go from 'game changer' to ready to throw in the towel and back to game changer that fast? :p
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    Welcome to RCG's Bizarro world.
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