Do you encourage your children to trade?

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  1. Again, as before... I will teach my children what I know and encourage them to trade for a living.

    Your thoughts please!
  2. My son is 11 yrs old. He played the stock market game in 5th grade. I think this is great, it gives the kids a look at the market and allows them to study any and all investment angles. I had to laugh when the teacher asked my son what long term trading was and his answer was "about 3 days". My son sometimes watches some day trades for me and loves the action. He fully understands the concept of being long or short and he loves it when I let him close a trade for me, Usually while I am talking to him on the phone. When he comes down to my office in the morning he always asks me "What are we holding?" I wish my father exposed me to the market at an early age. I found out the hard way as an investor in the 87 crash. Only day and swing trade now. I wont push trading on my son but I do often tell him that if he keeps watching and learning about the markets now he can be a great trader by the time he is 20 yrs old. He is certainly learning. :)
  3. No kids and don't plan to have any for awhile

    but I'd encourage them to do whatever their heart wants. The sky is the limit, just make sure if you choose something to set your sights high is all I'd encourage them with doing.

    As a second generation trader this is what my father did for me.

  4. I only know of one other guy who's father taught him to trade. He's a dentist and places trades in between patients.

    You just don't want to be in the chair on a bad day. :D :D
  5. I think the word children of this thread scares me more than any trade Ive ever been in.
  6. The earlier they start, the earlier in life they overcome the trading gremlins that we all went through... ideally, a child should be proficient in trading by 18, so that he can benefit from it for his entire adult life...

  7. candle, my brother, where have you been? haven't heard from you in a while, why?

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  8. no kids here..but my girlfriend has this cat who wants to be a trader....has a habit of jumping on the desk when market starts moving....paws at the keyboard /mouse etc.
    tries to play nasdaq stocks..but recently has been involved in listed stocks like (CAT) and (DIS).

  9. I was saving all my Brotherly love for you so that it would explode in one sentence.... there ya go!
  10. Yes; they trade for our company ...
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