Do you do enough better than a money manager?

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  1. I do to a point. When I factor in >05% I am at the pint for my situation to ask why I waste my time? Do I do better, yes,but enough better, probably not. I am at the point of handing over assests. Tell me why I shouldn't?
  2. That is definitely the right approach. There are lots of good money managers that can get you 20% ++ a year with pretty smooth equity curve. If you can do better than them and also pay yourself for the time you spend trading then you should continue to trade. If, on another hand, you can use your time more productively and have somebody to make you descent returns on your money then it is no brainer. I always say that if you can generate >=20% plus 100K a year then knock yourself out trading. If not – then give your money to someone who can and use your time to make money elsewhere.
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    How many accessible money managers give consistent 20percent? Can you list them?

    I know of many that had done this but they are inaccessible to retail or even low hnwi.
  4. Minimum buying power to meet this goal = $0.5m

    Better have deep pocketz or super-low drawdowns with leverage

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    Correct. Most of my OPM clients trade themselves and are not people completely ignorant about trading, they just admit they better have their accounts managed at the current stage or use managed accounts as a "hedge" for their own trading.
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    BS. To do good for yourself enter on doom and exit on eufory. Just buy bunch of stocks across the board. I have improved my return over 7 years around 50 % vs buy and hold. And in total two roundtrips between stocks and cash. There is no work required really.
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    So easy a caveman could do it huh?
  8. I think you miss another important question: can you GET better?
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    finding money managers that can make 20% constantly is like coming up with a good trading system imo :)
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    I would apreciate such listing as well.
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