Do you consider money management an edge?

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    Do you consider money management (a part of) your trading edge?
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    Yes, a large part.

    The size traded preserves my account should I have back to back losing trades for a period of time.

    The price at which I can place a "survivable" protective stop determines whether I put on a trade that's signaled.

    The use of protective stops keeps my losses smaller than my minimum profit target (positive R:R ratio).

    With this kind of money management your win rate over time can be a coin toss (50%) and you can still be profitable.
  3. It helps you "persevere" but it's not an "edge".

    If you have no edge/positive expectancy, money management will just make your bleeding a bit smoother and longer lasting.
    Not sure if it's any less painful.:D
  4. If your win rate and your profit factor do not result in a positive expectation then money management alone can do nothing to change that. However, certain forms of money management can affect the expectation. Inappropriate money managament can also cause ruin regardless of positive expectation. Thus, effective trading needs both, first a positive expectation and then good money management. Each is necessary but not sufficient. Both together are sufficient for consistent returns.
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    Eckhardt Trading uses a proprietary position sizing (a/k/a "Money Management") algorithm which attempts to maximize Expected Utility, rather than the more conventional Fixed Fractional position sizing approach (which does not). They consider this part of their "edge". Link below.
  6. No. The only genuine edges are (1) front-running and (2) insider information... both illegal.
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    "Even the best Money Management is worthless without an edge. Go to Las Vegas with your best money management system, and no edge, see what you come up with."

    Jack Schwagger
  8. Money management is related to your advantage/edge

    If you have an edge but you screwup the money management you will loose.

    If you have no edge your money management should be to bet 0.

    P.S. This is why Vegas has rules like max bet etc... They have the edge but they also manage their payouts.
  9. Fixed fractional maximizes utility locally when apllied to current bankroll.

    Fixed fractional when apllied to current bankroll is optmimal when the fixed percent is set equal to %Kelly.

    All other methods are sub-optimal or locally optimal. Exponential growth is the best you can do.
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    Hello Everyone,

    My first post here on Elite Trader.

    Money management is not an edge. It's like having a working screen and a keyboard: just a basic you need.

    An edge is a genuine maket pattern.

    just my 0,02, though
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