Do you "bid whack"?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Scraff, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Scraff


    I've made a few hundred stock trades and I find it almost impossible to get someone to buy my shares above the bid. When it does happen, it's not for all the shares and then I have to modify the order to sell the rest, paying double in commissions. Are you a bid whacker? Do you want to beat bid whackers with a stick?
  2. hajimow


    Your definition of bid whacking contradicts with what you say. The reason that you have not see bid whacking is the you are the seller. Bid whacking is for the time that you want to kame sure your shares are sold because market is dropping so you know that by the time you put your order, market is lower. You also don't want to sell it at the market because your shares might get sold much lower.
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    That might be a reason to bid whack, but what does this have to do with anything?
  4. hughb


    You honestly don't see where you are contradicting?

    First you post this about bid whacking:

    Then you post this about yourself:

  5. Scraff


    No, I don't. According to the definition I supplied, a bid whacker buys at or below the bid. I wrote: "I find it almost impossible to get someone to buy my shares above the bid." So, I am a "bid whacker". What part of the two quotes of mine that I posted do you find contradictory?
  6. hughb


    No, the definition you supplied says a bid whacker sells at or below the bid.

    Am I really having this conversation??? Good lord.
  7. Under your definition, wouldn't being a "Bid Whacker" be the ideal situation?
  8. sccz97


    he's getting confused between buy and sell?! That's not a good start
  9. Ha ha, this is hilarious. This is why I still read ET, you just wouldn't get this kind of comedy gold in real life :D
  10. Scraff


    I mistakenly wrote "buys" instead of "sells" in post #6. Everything else I wrote makes sense.
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