Do you believe this?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Ditch, Jul 30, 2002.

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    Sure I believe it:

    "NO representation is being made that any account will OR is likely to achieve profits. Regard all reports AND text/audio references to trading as hypothetical. "

    In other words, they didn't trade these trades. And, at $460/contract profit for the day, why not? If they had traded the minimum two contracts for their "system", they'd a made almost a grand before trading fees. If *they* don't trust their system enough to trade it, why should anybody pay them money for it?
  3. I've heard good things about the tactrade dude. Some things kind of hint that he's for real. I've been in his chatroom once; and I found it all but impossible to follow him. He constantly, goes "ADD to position, REDUCE, OPEN, CLOSE", blablabla, it's very hard to keep up on whether he's long or short. But maybe someone knows more about tactrade..
  4. Expect only one certainty, one constant from a chatroom trade service: the monthly fee.

    Everything else is variable. Except occasionally a shill will announce how much money he has made lately.

    Cavaet Emptor.
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    I posted this link to see what kind of experience other people had with this guy. I've been in his chatroom for one day too, and I had the same experience as you. All day long this dude is yelling things, that are impossible to follow. In a split second he stops and reverses. When I commented in the chatroom, that I wasn't able to follow his calls, nobody reacted. I found that very odd.
  6. DITCH YOU just amswered your question better than anyone else.since a trader friend of mine trades 20-25 contracts he should just let theses guys trade his money for a fee. funny how no one ever is in these rooms!!!!!
  7. A sucker is born everyday ...