Do you believe "The Little Book That Beats the Market "

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  1. Do you believe the method mentioned in The Little Book That Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt? It seems so simple but his performance is a good support for his approach also.
  2. How do you REALLY know about "his performance"? :D
  3. his fund's performance is 40% annually.
  4. Yes. But like everything you have to put up with good and bad periods. You might find that the next two years were bad periods so you need to be confident that you really understand it well enough to put up with those times and keep rolling over every year.
  5. But does his fund invest exclusively using the Book method?
  6. No. He has written another book about special situations (sorry forgot the name).
  7. It's You Too Can Be a Stock Market Genius
  8. Thanks. Anyway, this guy has a proven record and should be taken seriously.
  9. This is a side question, but why would I guy with a successful write a book about how he does it?
  10. If anyone is int'd, a Fool interview:
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