do you believe "Scientist" has "over $100k" in his trading account?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. Hmmm....the IQ test might be your smoking gun.

    Btw, anybody who pays $20K for 1/2 carat diamond, regardless of color/clarity is a sucker. Even if you meant $AUD, that's still an absurd price. Would you mind humoring me, and posting a link to any merchant, anywhere in the world asking $20K for any type of 1/2 ct stone? This I gotta see.

    My wife's engagement ring cost me just over $21K.
    4.27ct, I-VS2. To think I could have gotten a 1/2 ct rock for the same

    " the gold is 24carat, to the value of over $3K retail"

    The bracelet in your pic contains over 7 oz. of gold bullion? She's gotta have some pretty thick wrists for that to add up. Is it like a waist bracelet or something?

    Edit: Just one more thing (I know I'm starting to sound like Colombo.) 24K gold Jewlery??? Within one week of normal wear, 24K gold jewlery of any type would be completely disfigured with scratches and little dents, which is why it's so rare. What's going on here?

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  2. LOL Gekko! Now, haven't you just made a fool out of yourself and dug your own grave here? OK, let's go: :D

    Besides, now you're saying "I even had over $100K at one point" - And that after you opened this thread with a reference to a post where I said I transferred $100K into my IB account when I opened it! I didn't even say how much there's in there now, but you're telling me that you yourself had 100K once, while claiming that I am a LIAR to mention I did?!

    So tell me, Gekko. If we did a poll on ET that asked : Who is more likely to have had a $100K account at any stage of their trading career:

    a) Gordon Gekko
    b) Scientist

    Who do you, honestly, think would get more votes? :)

    Yes, so what you little brat? I did years of sim & paper trading by the time I put my real hard-earned money on the line. What's wrong with that? Very much in contrast to you, who started trading "for real" straight away, besides most probably NOT with your own hard-earned cash. You are such a pathetic little loser, no way would I believe you earned even a cent so far in your whole damn life, not to mention enough to day trade! Had you papertraded for a long time like I did, you might have actually gotten somewhere in your trading career.

    And what's wrong with "something more challenging"? You honestly believe trading is the only and most challenging thing in the world and there aren't people who look for greater challenges? My god, you have a narrow little mind my friend.

    Come to "4 losing days" - I don't know if you've ever heard of the term "scalper", but perhaps you should do a search on it. If you're doing over 50 trades per day, and losing at the end of the day, then my friend you know your strategy isn't working. Losing days may be acceptable for the day trader who does 3-6 trades per day, but for a scalper, "a day is an eternity". Your model of the world isn't my model of the world! Get it into your numb little skull, Gekko!

    It wasn't a mess, you were the fool. It was a clear joke. I even explained why, so that even the dumb guys (supposedly) would get it. You think with all the hints given, anybody halfway smart was fooled? You are still insulted because you were one of the idiots who ran right into it, together with Pisspotpete and the other trolls! Want me to post reference?

    As anybody can see here, all of Gekko's points are invalid, even contradictive, and nothing but a pathetic attempt to regain his "pride" which some of my jokes have obviously taken off him. It's not my fault that Gekko is such a dumb guy. I fool him, he gets fooled and blames me and starts a crusade? Holy shit! I think it's time to clean this place up a bit!

    Got you by the balls, Gekko - Go ahead, post a little more! I'll tear your vindictive little ego to pieces! Welcome are also your other handles, Pisspotpete and the other trolls. I'd love some meat this weekend! In the end, the truth wins, and the truth is getting dangerously close to victory! Namely that all this shit is nothing but a systematic little character assasination campaign by you and your boyfriend LongShot / FPC and all the various handles you post under! And I know who's gonna be standing there as the fool in the end... :)

    Who on this board wants to clean up with this whole mess that Gekko and LongShot consistently try to create?

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  3. lmao..yeah, you got me good! tore me to pieces!

    you may have SOMETHING to do with the jewelry business (maybe you work at dad's store or something) and you may trade, but i'd bet anything you have a tendency to exaggerate like hell.
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  4. LOL! I don't know if you read my later reply to that, but here is a bit of it:

    You might be very surprised! Some jewellers will charge this, some even more. I'm talking a top-grade VVS1, which is the grade right below FL, at a top color!

    Yes, but you're talking I-VS2. I am not supposed to tell [clients] this, since it always pisses them off, but you still paid quite a bit... well... I won't go into it. Yet please realize that I-VS2 isn't top-hot. You can get a high-carat rock in that grade, yet please realize that value grows exponentially with clarity, color and cut rather than weight.

    Here's the grades:
    1. FL
    2. (IF)
    3. VVS1
    4. VVS2
    5. VS2 (Your wife's?)
    6. VS1
    7. SI1
    8. SI2
    9. I1
    10. I2
    11. I3
    12. Industrial Grade

    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. F
    7. G
    8. H
    9. I (Your wife's diamond)

    ... You know what I'm getting at?

    Again, retail isn't wholesale. The content is just over 1 ounce, if you had that alloyed into 18ct, you'd quite likely be paying $3K or more for the worked gold at a lot of jeweller's... :)

    Warmest Regards,
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  5. Handled many A,B, or C color grade Diamonds in your career there, scientist? ...LOL, now you'll either have to edit that out, or pretend you were joking.

    Sorry I doubted you, GG ...this guy doesn't even know standard diamond grading.

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  6. Exxagerate? Me? More like the opposite I think - actually. :confused:

    So have a look at these items, designed and manufactured by ME (all sold but one) - And give me a rough guess what they're worth... :D

    Hmm... The kid's gotta start getting clues sometime... Even GG can't be that stupid.

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  7. ElCubano


    you may be right and you may be what???:D
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  8. Nope, D is all I've ever handled is D (Truly Colourless), E (Extremely Colourless) and so on. Not even sure sure if ABC exist, so I'll just look that up... :)

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  9. Looked it up... Nope... Starts at D. My mistake. Disqualifies me as a gemmologist, but does little about being a jeweller. I should have done at least Certificate IV in gemmology, but went into trading before that. Too bad. How did I manage to sell diamonds before without knowing that? Thanks for the nudge, Rearden_Metal! :)

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  10. Ok, Firstly I admit I'm only interrogating you because my once glorious daytrading career fell apart shortly after the tech boom ended, and I have way too much time on my hands. Cracking you is like a (slightly) stimulating game or puzzle.

    Why would you design and manufacture intricately carved 24K gold jewelry (an almost unheard of practice), which would without question become disfigured with multiple scratches and dents within just a few days of normal wear, and call it an investment for eternity? I'm an expert on gold bullion, and know first hand how easy it is to scratch/dent the stuff.

    Check mate?

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