do you believe "Scientist" has "over $100k" in his trading account?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. let's not forget he just turned 22.

    i know he's going to mention his "earring business." let's say he started this business at 18 and ran it for 4 years, selling 800 pairs of earrings for $10 each. not accounting for taxes, that's $8000.
    if i'm wrong, i'll eat my shoe.
  2. You thinking about starting an "earring business" ?
    Its not polite to ask how much one has. The term "stack of high society" is such a beautifully ambiguous term.

    Happy Piercing.
  3. Not ambiguous if you saw "Rounders". One stack of high society is exactly $10,000.

  4. This is the beauty of Cyberworld where identities and account sizes are illusory. Nevertheless the odds are not in your favor and you should be prepared to eat your shoe. Because it is irrelevant whether he has $100k in his account or not, I shall omit the logic as to how I came to this conclusion, only to say it can be found in an exchange of posts in which both he and I participated.
  5. i'm not asking how much he has. Scientist already told us and i'm questioning his truthfulness.
  6. maxpi


    I still think Phil Hendrie's writers are trying out new material on ET. Scientist reminds me of Ted of Beverly Hills.
  7. there's my boy! giving up on Atkin's, staring on stinky shoe diet. silly:D
  8. this all from the same guy who only has 2 gigs of RAM. lol
  9. Dude, 2 gigs of RAM is huge. Most new computers still only have 1/4 that.
  10. no, he didn't just graduate from a high school--it was an elite high school. :)
    this post is just fantastic....
    speaks 4 languages, not counting the programming ones..
    let's not forget the IQ test...
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