Do you believe Michael Jackson is a child molester?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ARogueTrader, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Good one... :D
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  2. He may be quite bright... that does not exclude that he keeps molesting these kids, but of course this is just a speculation.

    The guy is definitely a freak and I lost all respect for him after the incident with his own kid when he hung it ouf of the window. If he is a freak his intelligence is not enough to prevent him from his obsession. Obsession has nothing to do with intelligence. Sometimes even very intelligent people exhibit very 'unconventional' behavior.
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  3. Remember when Michael Jackson was cool.
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  4. [​IMG]

    I heard that this album made the top 50 from Rolling Stones upcoming "Top 500 albums of all time" (due to be out in a week or so).
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  6. ElCubano


    1) says who???
    2) Maybe we should indict the parents....they are definitely more at fault if you ask me... Would any parent leave a kid with an accussed molester....yes, if he is worth $300 million...
    3) He is and odd person......

    The parents look the other way when the money is flowing....this is all about money. Im not saying he isnt guilty , im just saying the parents are at fault also
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  7. first, anyone who claims you choose your sexual attractions, i'm just going to ignore. that is simply stupid, but i know some people actually believe it.

    a gay male may like males just like straight males like females. i think sexual attraction may be genetic, and there is a scale, but i am open to changing my position here. nobody had to tell me or teach me to like 18 year old females, i just do.

    i am NOT attracted to 10 year old males or females, but if people are, maybe it is a attraction built into them and not a choice. ACTING on sexual desires IS a choice, though. i do NOT condone sexually abusing children, in fact i am in favor of punishing those that do. i'm just saying, i don't think people who have these desires should be hated or considered "evil" if it is just a genetic desire, like homo/heterosexual attraction. it would be kind of like hating a person born with 1 leg.

    in summary, if michael jackson is attracted to young boys, i don't hate him, but if he acts on that desire, he should be punished.

    btw, this, "war on terror" isn't about good vs. evil, either--it's a clash of civilizations and i do support bush.
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    I have known him to be odd for quite some time optional....thats why it shouldnt be odd to you that he is doing odd hanging out with little boys ( hence the wacko jacko ) him doinng this shouldnt be odd to you it should be obvious....and to every parent seeking Michaels money....

    as for me the money...dont quote or make sound as fact without a far it is your word...

    hey if he did what he did he should go to jail... i totally agree with you

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  10. no. if michael jackson did this, HE should be punished.
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