Do you believe in yourself?

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Are you the best money manager in the world for your own money?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Are you the best money manager in the world.......... for your own money that is?
  2. I am the VERY BEST money manager for my money.. and I am an even better manager for others' moneys too.
  3. How I became the best:

    It really wasn't that easy. EVEN I, considering all the self confidence I had when I started trading, and still has.. yeah.. EVEN i thought maybe I wasn't going to make it. SEVERAL times to be exact. SEVERAL times. Even still do.

    yet.. despite of all those cloudy feelings that still lingers on once in a while, I broke through the market's secret.

    News, noise, volume.. price.. nothing matters. All that matters is YOU, and how you see the market.
  4. Man, I am the only person replying to this thread.

    You know why? its because.. there is ONLY the BEST.. only me.

    I think we should dedicate this thread to ME.. & redo the poll to: Is Ripley the best money manager the world will EVER see?
  5. Of course I am the best money manager for my money. How cares more about your money than you do?
  6. Or would you rather have Paul Tudor Jones to trade your account? :D
  7. Ok you have a point. Although my account could not handle the drawdowns a big swing dick like him could take :D