Do you believe in the "let the forest burn and better trees will grow" theory?

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there is no need to let these companies fail because the money to bail them out is free
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  2. Gen.Washington said" Government is not eloquence, it is like fire.
    A dangerous servant, and a fearful master".
    I think the old boy had a point.
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  3. Dak


    Absolutely. This is exactly what is saying my caretaker!
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  4. achilles28


    Creative destruction is not a "theory".

    Thats how the US largely operated prior to WW2.

    This shit is so basic.

    Arguing the merits of free markets on a daytrading forum?

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  6. achilles28


    Sure. How about this:

    In 60 days, the FED and Treasury will remove all monetary and lending facilities for Private Corporations.

    Further, Fed Funds will be raised 500 basis points, at same date, held until further notice.

    There is no "quick fix".
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  7. I think that current circumstances are well beyond a "quick fix."
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    Sure about that?

    The whole impetus behind the bailout was to restore "Stability and confidence" to the markets.

    In fact, easy money was sold as the only measure that could "Save" the economy.

    Didn't seem to go to well.
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  9. sprstpd


    Except the money isn't free. Nothing is free. There will be unintended consequences for these idiotic attempts to prop up failing companies.
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  10. ammo


    if this were a football game ,we are losing ,our defense isnt holding and its late in the 4th quarter
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