Do you believe in fate?

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do you believe in fate

  1. Our future is decided the moment we're born

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  2. I disagree

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  1. Do you believe that from the moment your born, that your future

    is decided?. A child brought up in a wealthly, successful family is

    going to have a MUCH better chance of becoming successful and

    wealthly themsevles just because of chance (example donald

    trump). I could give more examples, but I firmly believe that the

    family we're brought into has a large impact on who and what

    we become, and NOT so much the choices we make.
  2. Wealth and whatever has nothing to do with who you become. You can be born rich and still be a fuck up.
    Ultimately, it is choices that one makes that shape his personality and who he is on this world.
    Sure, impact is there, but at the end...
  3. No. Every moment presents the individual with an array of choices; on the other hand some individuals have a more attractive set of choices from which to select than do others.

    Just touching the surface here; Fate is a huge topic for discussion - one of the most difficult in all of philosophy.

  4. No
  5. ElCubano


    exactly...and rich is just a byproduct which has nothing to do with who you are as a person....
  6. If you grow up with littered streets and broken windows, this is where you are most comfortable. If your parents didn't graduate from HS, you'll feel comfortable not graduating. If the school enviroment is hard to learn your parents won't feel compelled to move a better school.

    If you strive to get out of that enviroment, when life hands you a curve ball, your coping skill is "This is where I belong, I'm not good enough" and you regress.

    Your friends are losers and you have no role models who succeed,the thought process becomes a way of life. No one else has their drivers liscense and they drive why should I get my liscense?

    Sometimes they do not necessarily make the wrong choices just not the correct ones which society demands and they end up with problems anyways.

    Personal emotional issues which are not talked out or dealt with come back to haunt you in later life.

    Ahh Donald Trump, he calls it the lucky sperm club, whose family you were born into for advantage. Hey, it is "who you know".

    There are many bio's of those on wall street where someone knew someone from college who came from a rich family and ended up with a great job via a friendship. I'm jealous. That was not my circle.
  7. We're all going to die, that's our fate. Everything else is just an illusion.