Do you belieave in the Plunge Protection team?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rabmanducky, Jul 14, 2006.

Do you belieave in the plunge protection team?

  1. the team exists

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  2. the team doesnt exist

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  1. The street has always had conspiracy theories about the invisible hand. A group of people with so much influence they control, they control the people who controls the marginal marginal amount of money in all the markets. They were thought tobe in action during 94,97,98, and 2001. So my question is, since everybody is now talking about a crash again. Do you belieave the plunge protection team exists.
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    A previous ET thread has already covered this topic. Please do a search.
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  4. I read recently that some famous people like Sir Isaac Newton and Leanardo D'Vinci were secret members of the PPT......
  5. rats, anyways zxcv1fu, do you belieave there is actually a group of people with that much power out there. And at the same time, completely under the rader of the public and even wallstreeters? It's really hard to belieave, i think alot of people would put this theory into the realm of jfk and ufos.

  6. I really do not know, but there is an ETeam
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    Along with Monica Lewinsky?
  8. LMAO.. :)

  9. lol I think she was just on the plunge team. But seriously, it still hard to belieave that this group exists. But once you think about it almost every major country does have some sort of mechanism to buy shares and commodity on the open market to bolster them in times of crisis. Look at china, japan, britain and france.

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