do you americans find this funny?

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  1. I think only uneducated, classless, shameless, people with low IQs find that sort of thing funny.

    Can you imagine how ashamed you would be if that was your grown 45 year old son(or however old he is) doing something like that, even as a joke?

    Its actually very sad that in this day & age we have degraded so much as a society that a man has no care for his familys name or reputation that he would do something so disgusting even as a joke.
  2. Don't know about funny, but it does inspire hope.

    Perhaps there will be a time when politicians do more wanking off than f*cking the country and the people.

    Long shot, I understand... but isn't that the case with most dreams?
  3. No.
  4. Geez..... everybody so PC that nobody wants to say this this is funny?

    Besides being ghastly, it's also HILARIOUS!!
  5. I agree with this take. Take that cheap garbage somewhere else like to a fraternity.
    The comedian doing the deed and all concerned are all shameless and talentless. Its what people with limited apptitude have to resort to for attention.
  6. cstfx


    It's called British humor, aka theatre of the absurd - not everyone finds British humor humorous.

    Usually it is more intelligent than this; I am surprised that the comic would resort to such scatological depths.
  7. its called satir"british humour"- funny as hell