Do you agree with Dr.Elder?

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  1. in the book "come into my trading room" quotes:

    bottom pg 38

    " Most successful day traders are men in their early 20's. I've meet very few successful day traders over 30"

    All you traders here on ET, whether it be futures, options, stocks, give me thoughts on this. Most on this forum have got to be over 20, lol, so please share.

    - nathan
  2. He is sample is probably skewed. Those in early 20's are more likely to have no prior experience, no market knowledge, no bias and are taught a few simple things and they stick to it.

    By the time most older guys get to Elder they have been fucked over so many times by the market that they can't see the forest for the trees.

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    He's full of shit!
  4. Has there ever been a poll?

    I think it would be interesting.

    Poll: If you are a day-trader, what age group do you fit in?

    13 - 17 *It might be possible?*
    18 - 25 *I'd fit in this category!*
    51 and Up

    Or something like that....

    Anyone feel like starting one to find out?
  5. Some of the best I know are over 30, these are they guys that have been around a few years and will likely be around a few more years.

    His book is probably dated somewhat on that. Today's trader is a new breed, not the hyperactive soes bandit making 100's of manual trades daily, instead, they are using technology to their advantage to help them manage and trade multiple strategies in multiple accounts.
  6. I'm 20
  7. hehe, I meant a real poll on the forum, either in the chit chat or in the career trader or something.

    I think it would be interesting to see the average age of traders.

    I'm guessing 30 will be the average, but who knows.
  8. I'm curious.....has Elder ever made any money at all by trading? Or only by writing and talking about trading?

    Anyone know?

    :cool: :D
  9. I'm 54

    Of course this is just anecdotal and so it doesn't "mean" anything

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